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Exclusive Microlith album in the store

In our shop we have unique records available every month. You rarely find this vinyl anywhere else. This month we have an exclusive album of Microlith at the store.

Microlith is an artist with its own unique sound and very good productions. Microlith a.k.a. Rhys Celeste is a music producer from Malta. Unfortunately this artist died during a car accident on February 26 at age 24. Microlith’s last album is released on Fundamental Records. This label was founded in 2011 and is active for six years.

The Spanish label has only released albums and quality compilations of which special care is taken. Alek Stark, co-managed with his wife Anais, released a superb album signed by Microlith. The story behind this record is a sad one: the producer died at only 24 years old when he had just sent the files to be mastered. He never heard the finished product. The reason why it is signed by Rhys Celeste is that this is the real name of Microlith. The fatal weekend when Rhys lost his life Alek was mastering the tracks for his release with Fundamental Records. Microlith send him the tracks only a few days before. He kept about forty untitled tracks for Fundamental Records and together they selected a perfect tracklist for the album. Alek had all these melodies in his head the whole weekend. He perfectly remembers that feeling. Today he still has that special sensation that you can feel in all the tracks composed by Rhus. It’s something nostalgic with a big doses of hope and happiness in every note. When Alek was mastering his tracks he was a young kid with a new record in his hand. Each track has very special compositions made by the interludes, which makes them great to listen to.

The work is in the line of the label: a spacy electro sound with 808 drums with a funky side and deep atmospheric melodies. The LP needs to be discovered by any fan of electro. Not for the sad story that it carries but more for the expression of an artist of that age. Before knowing the context, it was his music that touched us, which is why we encourage you to discover this limited edition album. The track “Untitled 867”, is one of the most striking pieces of the album together with “Untitled 66” “Untitled 61” and ”Untitled 72 “.

Come to the store and get your copy!

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